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I am looking for the following films; if anybody has any of them I would be more than willing to offer other rare films in return as a trade. Please contact me at mikekitchell(at)gmail(dot)com if you can help me out in any way.

Les Gommes (The Erasers) / Lucien Deroisy & Rene Micha / 1969
In the Labyrinth / Derek Martinus / 1976
La Jalousie / Klaus Kieschner / 1973 (Television allemande)
Les deux chambres distantes et/ou les deux chambres discretes / Kunihiko Nakagawa / 1975
La plage a distance / Kunihiko Nakagawa / 1977
La Chambre secrete / J. F. Urrusti / 1978
In the Labyrinthe / Robert Lrikala / 1962

La Salamandre / Alberto Cavallone / 1969
Maldoror / Alberto Cavallone / 1977
Blow Job / Alberto Cavallone / 1980

Eating / Frans Zwartjes / 1969
Achter je muren / Frans Zwartjes / 1970
It's Me / Frans Zwartjes / 1976
In extremo / Frans Zwartjes / 1981
Medea / Frans Zwartjes / ????

In the Highest of Skies (Nel più alto dei cieli) / Silvano Agosti / 1977
Hyper Auto Erotic Art / Walerian Borowczyk / 1981
Grotesque Perverted Slaughter (Gendai ryoki sei-hanzai) / Giichi Nishihara / 1976
Time of Wickedness (Ma no toki) / Yasuo Furuhata / 1985
Les Rendez-Vous En Foret / Alain Fleischer / 1972
Hu-Man / Jerome Laperrousaz / 1975
Story of I / Jo Anne Kaplan / 1997
Faceless Things (Eolgul eopnun geotdul) / Kim Kyung-Mook / 2005
Pornographie chez madame Saint-Claud / Norbert Terry / 1975
Piege / Jacques Baratier / 1968
L.A. Plays Itself / Fred Halsted / 1972
Phantasmes aka The Seduction of Amy / Jean Rollin / 1975 FRENCH VERSION
The Claw of Horus / Jean Rollin / 1990
Spatiodynamisme / Tinto Brass & Nicolas Schoeffer / 1958
Désirs et perversions / Jean-Pierre Bouyxou / 1977
Amours collectives / Jean-Pierre Bouyxou / 1976
Sortez vos culs de ma commode / Jean-Pierre Bouyxou / 1972
Graphyty / Jean-Pierre Bouyxou / 1969
Anarchie, L' / Jean-Pierre Bouyxou / 1967
Paris erotika (Paris Ooh-La-La!) / José Bénazéraf / 1964
L'Enfer sur la Plage (Hell on the Beach) / José Bénazéraf / 1965
Models International / Jacques Scandelari & José Bénazéraf / 1966

Any Roland Lethem other than THE BLOODTHIRSTY FAIRY (1968).

Anything by Hisayasu Sato that I don't have


Blogger Nostalgia Kinky said...

As I was scrolling through this list I was really hoping that I could help you out on some but unfortunately the few here I have seen, I no longer have copies of.
"Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion" is quite a trip and I wish I still had a copy as I have really been wanting to see it again.
I have several Grillet films but the one you mentioned is one I have been looking for also...
I really wish Chabrol's "Alice" would pop up. I have wanted to see that for years and can't figure out whay it is so hard to find...
great list, I hope you have some luck with them and I look forward to reading your reviews of them in the future...

8:42 AM  
Blogger Robert Monell said...

I have Lost in NY and CLAW OF HORUS, which seems to be just a fragement. Contact me if interested. Bob Monell

4:12 PM  
Blogger . said...

If you ever come across a copy of Jerzy Skolimowski's - Bariera, please let me know!

6:40 AM  
Blogger Frédérick said...

I have some of them - some on VHS, some on DVDR - what can you offer in exchange ?

Alice or the Last Escapade (Alice ou la derniere fugue) / Claude Chabrol / 1977
Shining Sex / Jess Franco / 1975
La Seuil du Vide / Jean-Francois Davy / 1971
Hallucinations sadiques aka Sadistic Hallucinations / Jean-Pierre Bastid / 1968

Phantasmes aka The Seduction of Amy / Jean Rollin / 1975
Lost in New York / Jean Rollin / 1989
The Claw of Horus / Jean Rollin / 1990
The Runaways aka Les Paumées du petit matin / Jean Rollin / 1981
Paris erotika (Paris Ooh-La-La!) / José Bénazéraf / 1964
L'Enfer sur la Plage (Hell on the Beach) / José Bénazéraf / 1965
Deux gouines, Les / José Bénazéraf / 1975

+ the 2 Bouyxou X films (however, I lent them to a friend of mine, so I don't have them at the moment).

You can write at frederickdurand (dot) hotmail (dot) com

9:20 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Did Brittney Skye play in Faceless Things (Eolgul eopnun geotdul) / Kim Kyung-Mook / 2005? I guess she got a part there.

2:43 PM  
Blogger tvciudadana said...

The film La Chambre Secrete was titled WITHDRAWAL. It was made by Juan Francisco Urrusti in 1978 by Juan Francisco Urrusti, at the London International Film School, as a diploma film.
For information regarding this title, contact the London Film School (

7:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Some of these are available via such as Szpital przemienienia (with english subtitles)

2:22 PM  
Blogger Stephen Grimes said...

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8:06 AM  
Blogger VANINA said...

Hi, does anybody on earth has a copy of "Paris n'existe pas" (Robert Benayoun 1969)? I've searched for it for yeeears now. I would be glad to be sent some clue. Thank you very much

4:08 PM  
Blogger Stephen Grimes said...

I have Bénazéraf's ADOLESCENZA PERVERSA from a perfect French sat broadcast which includes some h/c scenes.

7:25 AM  
Blogger phil said...

Know where I can get a copy of Robbe-Grillet's L'Eden et Apres w/ English subtitles??

12:28 PM  
Blogger magick mike said...

most bootlegs have english subtitles. It's yet to be released in an English speaking country commercially, so bootlegs are the only way to get it.

1:34 PM  
Blogger florin said...

I have most of the movies listes here. If interested, plaese contact me and I will send them in exchange of cheap payment. More info on

5:58 AM  

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